CYBOW Microalbumin/Creatinine test 


 The CYBOW™ 2AC(Microalbumin/Creatine test) is used for semi-quantitative determination of Microalbumin and creatinine in urine. Affixed to each firm plastic strip are two reagent areas that test for Microalbumin and Creatinine in urine. Measurement of the two tests at the same time from a random single-void urine sample allows for determination of the Microalbumin to Creatinine ratio (ACR).

What is "Microalbuminuria" ? 

  Microalbuminuria is early stage of kidney failure caused by micro-vessel disorder that comes prior to Proteinuria(Macroalbuminuria ; in the stage of significant kidney disease that will result in kidney dialysis or kidney transplant in the future)

Test Specification 

- Measurement Item : Microalbumin, Creatinine, Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio

- Required sample volume : Approx. 5mL of Fresh random spot urine

- Reaction time : 60 sec.

- Reactio temperature : Room temperature (2~30C)